What others say about Natasha Lynn Daniels

“Natasha, I love your story and you! She is an excellent speaker; I recommend her for any event or retreat. She is a powerful communicator!”

Page Geske
Motivational Speaker and Author

“Natasha’s testimony of adoption, healing and love is inspiring, she shares from the depth of her heart- she lives worshipping her Savior, abiding in His word and trusting His choices for her life.”

Laura Brown
North Carolina

“Natasha, your line, “I gave you five children without your womb” literally need to be a title! I love it” your calmness, peace and joy are contagious! You are a great storyteller! Now go tell all of your stories!”

Cherie Nettles
Speaker and Author
South Carolina

“Natasha you are the real deal! I love your joy, your faith and your unforgettable smile.”

Tammy Whitehurst
Motivational Speaker and Author

“Natasha shares a beautiful message about waiting for God’s miracles.”

Judy Lafler

“Natasha’s honest words about her brokenness draws you in and is very relatable. Her story of God’s hand in her life and healing through Jesus’ words will encourage your heart deeply.”

Holly Bagley

“From disappointment with God to the heart of her Heavenly Father Natasha’s message of worship while you wait is encouraging and inspiring.”

Cheryl Lutz
Pastors wife and writer

“Natasha reminds us of the beauty and miraculous God we serve. Her message is Excellent and Inspirational!”

Peggy Egeland

“Natasha is so transparent, beautiful testimony!”

Maureen Hager
North Carolina

“Such a beautiful story of transformation from not trusting to trusting God. Demonstrated the power of worshiping and waiting and trusting. Great Job Natasha!”

Melony Brown
Zigzag and One Podcast

“Natasha shares the doubt so many of us wrestle with and gives us permission to bring our questions, frustrations and anger to God. She shares hope through her story and God’s story.”

Dr. Michelle Bengston
Speaker and Author

“Natasha, very powerful testimony and extremely encouraging.”

Shelly Whitenburg
Author and Speaker

“Natasha shared the message I needed to hear. Worship while you wait. That wait can be so difficult. Thank you for that encouragement!”

Christina Custodio
Speaker and Author
South Carolina

“Natasha’s message of worship while you wait is relatable and inspiring. I love how she invited us to run to Jesus. To look around because our miracle might just be right in front of you!”

Tope Keku
Author, Speaker and Coach
North Carolina

“Natasha’s message of Delighting in the Lord in the midst of painful waiting is powerful, delightful and will forever impact your heart and life!”

Shelly Brown
Digital Marketer, Consultant and Coach

“Natasha your joy and love for Jesus overflows on those around you. Don’t ever stop!”

Lori boruff
Speaker and Life Coach

“Natasha has such a sweet message of the gentle presence of Jesus I the abyss of waiting.”

Tina Langhough

“I love Natasha’s energy, faith and incredible story of hope!”

Athena Dean Holtz
Pastor’s wife, Founder of Redemption Press, Author and Speaker
Washington State

“Run to Him! I loved that. Thank you, Natasha for the beautiful reminder to look for His miracle!”

Elaine Hughes

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